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Friday 27 January 2017


Here are the 2017 must have goals that will change your life forever.
1. Remove yourself from people and situations that drain you .
2. Be you, stop faking it, let people love you for who you are, if they can't, you are better off without them.
3. Fly with the eagles, spend time with people who are doers not dreamers.
4. Start a self  love journey.
5. Find peace within, ignore the drama.
6. Give yourself time to heal from everything that has hurt you in the past, focus on you .
7 .Be honest about your feelings to yourself and others, its like a therapy.
8. Fight a good fight, fight for your dreams.
9. Be brave
10.Stand your ground, do not be shaken, fight for yourself.


Friday 13 January 2017


It's been a long time since I last posted. During November I decided to take a break from everything .I was on the journey of self-discovery. I took the time to learn about myself , what I really want and how I intended to get what I want.I spent a lot of my time reading a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I also did research on how to grow my blog, Traveled to KZN and Eastern Cape just to get inspiration , spent a lot of time with people who have been there for me, I reflected on 2016 , I read other people 's blog post  to learn from them.The holidays were amazing and productive.I am so ready to start afresh in 2017 and I am so grateful for 2016 lessons.In 2017 I am opening a new chapter of my life I have an opportunity to do things differently so that I can get different results.2017 for me is a year of perseverance , I will fight for what I want to achieve. I will focus more on myself.

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