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Monday 28 November 2016


2016 was a disaster from the start (January). I had to be very clear about what I wanted to achieve at the end of 2016. The most powerfully lesson I had to learn in 2016 was to let go of things not worth my time and energy or that I have no control over. Letting go of things not worthy my time and energy for me means letting go of confusion, feeling discouraged, tiredness (emotional &physical), feeling unappreciated, feeling stuck, feeling like you are not enough, feeling drained, the urge to prove a point all the time etc. All these feelings are not you that is why you have to let them go. Situations and people can make you believe that these feelings belong to you and you must live with them for the rest of your life.
I learned to choose my battles and use the WHY METHOD in everything I wanted to do I had to ask myself why am I doing what I am doing? Is it worth fighting for? If the list of why am I doing it is long and valuable then its worthy fighting for. Letting go of things that are draining you, could be a relationship, a friendship or a job is not easy but if you know deep down in your heart that you have tried everything in your power to save or keep it or to make it work. It makes you feel  revealed and confident to close that book or chapter in your life. You get excited to start again without feeling overwhelmed, you get excited to give yourself to something new and different because you know in your heart that you  owe it to yourself. 

Written by Lisa Nqala

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