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Monday 28 November 2016


2016 was a disaster from the start (January). I had to be very clear about what I wanted to achieve at the end of 2016. The most powerfully lesson I had to learn in 2016 was to let go of things not worth my time and energy or that I have no control over. Letting go of things not worthy my time and energy for me means letting go of confusion, feeling discouraged, tiredness (emotional &physical), feeling unappreciated, feeling stuck, feeling like you are not enough, feeling drained, the urge to prove a point all the time etc. All these feelings are not you that is why you have to let them go. Situations and people can make you believe that these feelings belong to you and you must live with them for the rest of your life.
I learned to choose my battles and use the WHY METHOD in everything I wanted to do I had to ask myself why am I doing what I am doing? Is it worth fighting for? If the list of why am I doing it is long and valuable then its worthy fighting for. Letting go of things that are draining you, could be a relationship, a friendship or a job is not easy but if you know deep down in your heart that you have tried everything in your power to save or keep it or to make it work. It makes you feel  revealed and confident to close that book or chapter in your life. You get excited to start again without feeling overwhelmed, you get excited to give yourself to something new and different because you know in your heart that you  owe it to yourself. 

Written by Lisa Nqala


Friday 25 November 2016


Positive mind gives you a positive vibe. I have been reading the book call THE SECRETE  by Rhonda Byrne, the book is based on the law of attraction and positive thinking. What you think is what you become, if you think more about what makes you unhappy the more unhappy you become. When you think about what makes you happy suddenly your mood change, you become happy. Unfortunately, our happiness is our responsibility, your degree, partner, family, beauty, car, big house, friends, the child can not make you happy. There are many people out there who got all these things mentioned above but still, they are not happy, WHY? because happiness is an inside job. On the book the secret it says "your ability to generate a feeling of love is unlimited".Love is you, you can change situations and people with your love, your love is unlimited. When you are happy you want everyone to be happy to feel the love you are feeling, you have that vibe.
WHERE DO WE BEGIN? it starts with a character, what you think, how you control your toughs, how you treat others, self-control, values, who you surround yourself with, how you present yourself to people ( must never be a disconnect with who you really are). Having a clear picture of what you want and believe that you already received it produces a positive vibe. Your tough are powerful, you are not who you are outside but who you are inside. It is an inside job that really matters. LOVE IS YOU, HAPPINESS IS YOU, SPREAD LOVE, SPREAD JOY.

Monday 21 November 2016


Growth is all about decisions you make, choices, people you surround yourself with, the person you become, achievements, battles you choose, situations you decide to leave, the lesson you learn and accepting the truth about you and others .O n a day before my Bday , that's what came on my mind.


Saturday 12 November 2016


Feeling disconnected from God is the worst thing that could happen in your life.
This post is the opposite of the one I posted a month ago called WHEN GOD INTERVENE.
Here we do not see God at all, we do not feel His presence. No matter how hard you try to connect to God you cannot seem to connect. You stop reading the word of God, you stop praying, you stop going to church, you avoid talking about the word, you stop listening to preaching, you become angry at God, the anger makes you sin and you do not feel guilty about it. You cry to God but nothing seems to happen. You do everything to discourage people who are still connected to God.
You feel like you are devils playground. Without the presence of God, you feel like a piece of  sh*t. A relationship with God is the best relationship you can ever have, losing that  relationship is the worst thing that could happen to you, especial when you know deep down to yourself that you have tried everything in your power to save the relationship, you have cried, prayed, confessed, begged, fasted, praised and read the word. You just wait for Him to find you again.
The waiting is painful tough.
Written by Lisa Nqala



You are what you say you are. The world can describe you in many different ways, but the power lies in with what you say and believe you are. If you do not know who you are it means you do not know where you are going If you do not know where you going life will happen to you. If you do not want life to happen to you, you better start spending some quality time with your self, get to know your self better, find joy within yourself, inspire yourself, motivate your self, renovate your self, put a new fresh look especially if you are tired with your old self. Always remember EVERY THING YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS RIGHT WITHIN YOU.
Lisa Nichol said," anything after I AM, is true to your conscious mind your conscious mind will believe ".
Here are some of the  words you should use to define yourself each and every day  :
I am enough, I am so enough
I am a go-getter
I am a survivor
I am human, I am subjected to make mistake, but I promise myself to learn from them
I am a fighter
I am brave
I am bright
I am a change
I am my own rescue
I am determined to success
I am motivated
I am an inspiration
I fall, I rise
I cry, I laugh
I have a passion
I have a dream
I have a vision
I have God on my side, who can be against Him
I am here on earth to live and tell my story
I am a leader, I lead
I am different, so different in fact I am Unique
I am loved, by myself, my love is more powerful than anything on earth.
Self-love is a foundation, Believing in yourself is a key.


Friday 4 November 2016


It is good to spoil yourself once in a while, loving yourself and making yourself a priority its necessary. Your happiness is your responsibility. I love body shop products every time i think of spoiling myself i always think of the body shop products.I have collected some of their products like their Tea tree face mask its amazing ,it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh
.I used it once a week like Saturdays or Sundays.
I also started using tea tree foaming face wash, it smell nice and it does not dry my skin it also leave my skin clean and fresh.
I also use tea tree toner which is also too good for my clean.
I recently got myself  the body shop card ,i am so excited about that, i cant wait to spoil myself with their product.
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