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The blog is about being optimistic and being happy with what you have already achieved.

Sunday 16 October 2022

Work in progress

 *I am a work in progress*

Start small, and create from scratch.

Do everything with grace.

Celebrate your small wins.

Pour more into yourself.


* Work at the library as a student assistant

* Work at the computer lab as a student assistant

* Participated during registration-student assistant.

* Participated during  Open day

*Fasset tutor

* IIASA student member, attended discussion forums etc.

*Holiday part-time job (Laundry)


*Attended Sarterdays research workshops and events

*Research proposal tutor

*Research Conference

*Research presentations

*Research paper publication

*Conference paper publication

*ERSA online discussion forums on economic development, diversity etc.

*Conference research paper reviewer

*Recently joined ABASA as a student member

*Attending IIASA events

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