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Monday 2 October 2017

Definition of myself

She believes in life even through the darkness.
She decided to rise above all the situation.
She was never afraid to walk alone.
Her passion was like a fire that never stops burning.

She was her self
She walked away
She walked away from people
She walked away from things
She walked away from  pain
She walked away from the world

She fell in love
She fell in love with herself
She was found
She was found by her self
She became more powerful
She was an example
A good example
She was unstoppable

She fell in love
She fell in love again
She fell in love with God
She got to know Him
She found a lifetime partner
God was her other half
She felt a different kind of love
It humbled her
She felt complete

She felt safe
The love from the Father was life itself
She became to know her worthy
She was covered by mercy and the grace
She could not remove herself from mercy and grace
She learned to love unconditionally
She learned to forgive

She has begun a new life
She embraced pain
She embraced disappointments
She embraced rejection
She embraced loneliness
She embraced her uniqueness
She embraced each and every day

She was eager to be different
She was eager to make changes for new generations to come
She was eager to be an example
Leaving a mark was all she lived for
She was once in a lifetime
She was special
To the few who noticed.

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