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Friday 8 January 2021

Dear Teen - The truth about dating - Dealing with the spirit of fear after the failed relationship

 After being heartbroken,  you become a victim of a spirit of fear. when you are in a new relationship or still single, you always try to find excuses or reasons to feel sad, worried or scared, you become a prison of fear, instead of enjoying the relationship, your mind always looks for things that will make you feel scared, you create stories in your mind that make you feel scared and have bad dreams because of your unconscious mind. You can not separate the red flag and fear due to bad experiences from your past relationships. Break up pain hit differently and it affects us in so many ways.


Your past relationship had a lot to do with the current perception of the relationship trying to change that perception is too hard. If someone cheats on you it's so hard to believe that you can be in a relationship with someone who does not cheat or believe in cheating. If you have dated a closet gay it is so hard to believe that there are straight guys out there, If you were once played or used is so hard to get your mind out of that, it messes up with your mind. Dealing and healing the wounds from the previous relationship can be quite difficult and overwhelming. Give yourself enough time to heal your soul.

Before you (teen) even think of starting dating please take into consideration all these things and your dreams and goals, is it worth sacrificing your dreams and goals, the life you want when you are an adult?

Written by Lisa Nqala


Thursday 7 January 2021

Dear Teen- The truth about dating - Failing to understand

When you really love someone and you fail to understand how could that person not feel the same way.
When a person makes it clear to you that he or she does not see the future with you and he or she does not want you to raise your hopes or invest in the relationship.
You look at this person and there is even nothing special about him or her you just love them unconditionally.
The saddest part is failing to understand or figure out, why?
You ask yourself how is it possible, how can you love someone so much and see the future with them but he or she does not feel the same way? 
You (teen) do not need that in your life right now, build your life then even if it happens later in your life, you will be in a better position to leave that situation, to see that he or she was not even worth it and you could have than better than that, and you are in the right position to find someone worthy and decent for you. You have your own things and you have created a better life for yourself.
Written by Lisa Nqala

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