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Sunday, 17 October 2021

The meaning of beauty

The definition of true beauty.

Beauty is being driven, determined and motivated.

Beauty is sympathy and morals.

Beauty is knowing and accepting that there is always someone better than you.

Beauty is self-acceptance.

Beauty is having goals and being clear about your goals.

Beauty is inspiration, being inspired and inspire others.

Beauty is change and embracing change.

Beauty is a smile after a goal has been achieved.

Beauty is surviving the worse experience.

Beauty is forgiveness, forgiving yourself and others so that you can move on in peace without anger.

Beauty is a positive energy that you bring with you everywhere you go.

Beauty is loving unconditionally.

Beauty is gratitude.

Beauty is finding joy and peace within you.

Beauty is a passion.

Beauty is kindness and empathy.

Beauty is the ability to create the life you love.

Beauty is moving on after disappointment.

Beauty is commitment.

Beauty is independence.

Beauty is making a decision every time you are not happy with the result you have been  getting.

Beauty is being brave and bold.

Beauty is aiming high.

Beauty is acknowledging pain, accepting pain and moving away from pain.

Beauty is surviving.

Written by Lisa Nqala


Thursday, 27 May 2021

Failure and rejection are part of our stories - Matric assignment

I matriculated in 2007,

I did not get admitted to the University of my choice.

 Improved my maths results in 2008.

Still did not get accepted into universities I applied to.

I started working in 2009, I never gave up on my dream of going to university.

I applied again in 2009 to more than 10 institutions,

Got accepted by three institutions for the 2010 academic year.

Graduated with a diploma in Internal Auditing (2014) 

Graduated with a BTech Internal Auditing (2016) 

Completed my Masters in Internal Auditing (2020)

I don't know who need to hear this but rejection is not the end of the world.

Don't let it make you feel like a failure or lose hope. Keep Calm fight a good fight

#Fight For Your Dreams# TrustGod



Sunday, 21 February 2021


#Work on yourself first

You should be proud of yourself now that you have made it to matric. 

You are about to change your life for the better or for worse depending on how you behave this year. 

You are about to change your family, friends and love one’s life for the better. 

You are about to break or change generational curses. 

This year is the big deal for you. 

You really need to be awake and think out of the box.

You should be more confident and proud of yourself, the way you talk, walk, or carry yourself should demonstrate confidence.

 You need to visualize yourself succeeding.

 You need to focus, be determined, in control and inspired. 

You need to own this year.

 You need to avoid making silly or stupid mistakes that could cost you, your future.


Friday, 19 February 2021



What did I do and still doing even today?

I use social media to connect and interact with my role models or influencers. 

Follow your role models on social media. 

You can develop a professional relationship with them, not forgetting to respect them and also to be respected, don't compromise respect.

 Learn from them. 

Study their ways of doing things, learn from them.

 Your timeline should be full of inspiration and motivation, it should be your source of inspiration, not distraction. 

Give yourself time to search for role models or positive people to follow on social media, keep in mind that your social media should be your source of inspiration and motivation. 

Be mindful of who you add to your follower's list.

Written by Lisa Nqala


Thursday, 18 February 2021



#Time for Action   

·         Get/Google a list of all South African Universities and their contact details (some diaries have the list of all South African Universities such as government diaries).

·         List all the subjects you are currently doing. 

·         Download the University prospectors from universities homepage, website or get them from friends.

·         List the Courses that require the subjects which you are currently doing. 

·        Write down the required points for admission of your selected courses, target those points and aim high to achieve them (GOAL).

·        Put the list of targeted grades in an envelope and keep it in a safe place, re-visit it during the year to check if you are still on track or need to put more effort or work harder.

Written by Lisa Nqala



#Research time

Research on the universities you would like to enrol at next year (Best University for your intended course). Research on the courses you would like to enrol in next year (Aligned with your matric subjects, strength and weakness). Solve the why and the what (why do you want this course, the university), (what are your hopes and dreams, what is your passion?). Research on the province you intend to reside in, the culture, the weather, career opportunities for your course. Research on bursaries, requirements, due dates, documents, the application process, contact details etc. 

NSFAS due date, website, process, documents, requirement etc.

Written by Lisa Nqala


Wednesday, 17 February 2021



#Seek advice from your Seniors

Divide your seniors into two groups

Group one

Those who did not do well. 

Ask them (This can be done face to face or via email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.)

·        What are their advice to you as a new matriculant?

·        What did they do wrong and how they could improve the next time?

·        What were their challenges?

·        What skill required but they failed to muster?

·        What they consider as their silly or stupid mistake they made?

Group two

Those who did well and enrolled to their desired Universities and course

·        What are their advice to you as a new matriculant who want to end up like the next year?

·        What did they do right to end up to where they are today?

·        What were their challenges and how they overcome them?

·        What skills did they master?

·        What are the silly or stupid mistake did they avoid?

Written by Lisa Nqala


Monday, 15 February 2021


#Decide - what are your plans after matric?

How far are you willing to go to achieve your goals?

Are you going to university, college, work or start a business? If you do not make it next year, what are the other plans that will ensure you achieve your goal next time?

What is your plan A?

What is your plan B?

What is your plan C?

Write down all your plans and they should all be aligned with exercise 1 number 3, i. e. matric upgrade, where will you upgrade your matric results? 

Written by Lisa Nqala


Sunday, 14 February 2021


#Vision and dream board

Now that you have a better and clear idea of what you want, visualize your future.

Write down your vision, goals and dreams. Create a dream board (Google sample of dream boards). You will need old newspapers, magazine or pictures online, scissors, glue or prit. You can have two dream board the one on paper and the other one on your phone or laptop if you do not have a printer, you can just download pictures that inspire you and save them in different folders.

Written by Lisa Nqala


Monday, 1 February 2021

How I survived being an orphan - I made a decision

I changed the perception
Just after my mother's passing everything changed, I was young but I could tell that things were not the same.
I started to see people differently.
I started to see things differently.
The first thing you ask from God after the passing of the loved one is forgiveness.
I asked God to give me a heart that forgives.
When you go through the darkness you blame God and everybody close to you.
The only way I could pass that stage or phase was to beg God for years for forgiveness.
 Forgiveness leads me to the acceptance stage, As soon as I started to accept my life, I began to know and own my story. I told myself that this is my life.
I started to learn more about my situation. I started to accept the perceptions and made the decision to change them.
 As I started to acknowledge the perception of orphans, I started making decisions about my life and my purpose in life was discovered.

Written by Lisa Nqala

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