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Sunday, 11 December 2016


Where are the wow people? that's the question I asked my today when was feeling demotivated.T he wow people are those people who are so different from most of the people. The way they do things, their perception of life, the way they talk and what they say. Have you ever have a conversation

with someone and suddenly you feel so positive about life, so excited and determined? that 's the effect they have on other people. Their positivist, energy, confidence is contagious. They do not believe in cheating, they believe in building and not destroying, they love and appreciate their partners, they respect and take care of the people close to them. They are not scared of giving love a second chance no matter how the heart is broken they were. When they tell you how they made it to where they are it's mind-blowing. They know how to stand their ground and resist temptations. How they speak about the future is inspiring. Even a minute you spent with this kind of people is priceless. They are hard to find and not easy to lose if you appreciate them. They value hard work. They are visionaries, they see what they want before they work or get it. No matter how hard you can try to discourage them you do not succeed because they have already seen what they are looking for. The way they deal with life challenges is outstanding. They are clear about what they want and do not want in their life.
Their Gogetta attitude, self-control, values, consistency and creativity make them outstanding.T hey are hard to get, you meet them once in a while, they are valued. They are like a therapy when you are with them you feel renewed. They see good in every situation. They are the masters of peace.
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