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Wednesday 15 February 2017

Self Love Journey (PART 4)- Be proud

Be proud of your self you been through so much but yet you are still standing.
You survived rejection from friends, family, partner and society.
You survived being rejected on a job interview, bursary application, school application etc.
You survived abandonment.
You survived a break-up, feeling useless, unwanted and stupid.
You survived embarrassment.
You survived the pain.
You survived the worse days.
You survived self-doubt.
You survived regrets.
You survived betrayal.
You survived humiliation.
You survived the death of a love one.
You survived your own negative thought.
You survived the ending of a relationship unexpectedly.
You survived the end of the job contract.
You survived hypocrites.
Who are you?
You are you.
You are unstoppable. 
You keep on moving
You are fearless
Your motto in life is "come what come may", what going to happen is going to happen, what happened was supposed to happen. Fight a good fight, fight for your goals.

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