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Saturday 23 September 2017

Team Keep Calm And Fight A Good Fight, Fight For Your Dreams Campain

What is team keep calm and fight a good fight, fight for your dreams campaign?

Team keep calm and fight a good fight, fight for your dreams campaign is a campaign  I have started that aim to encourage  young people especially those from disadvantaged background to have goals, to have a vision for their lives, to dream big, to be a go-getters, to aim high and work harder for their dreams. The campaign emphases more on fighting for your dreams, meaning never give up or be discouraged. There are many distractions, negativity, uncertainty along the way, that is why it so important to choose your battle when you want to succeed in life, some things are not worthy of fighting for. Fight for your goals, fight for your dreams,  Keep Calm And Trust God. When you know what you want in life you always separate yourself from things that you do not want. 

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