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Sunday 12 May 2019

Lesson Learned#4 Ego

Some men come to your life just to boost their confidence. Just to find out if they are still attractive or wanted. They come to you not that they want a relationship, they just enjoy leading you on when they know that they have no intention to be part of your life forever. That’s where working on yourself and on your goals come in.  If your life is not properly planned it’s easy to get lost and be distracted. Where ever you go,  whoever you meet never leave yourself behind. If you do not have goals and dreams for your life you are opening a room for these kind of people to do whatever they like to you and get away with it so easy. Be in a relationship with someone and at the same time be in a relationship with yourself, you will never go wrong. Never pause your hustling for a relationship, multi-task. Your hustling must be louder than your relation ship.

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