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Monday 30 May 2022

Reflecting on My Masters Degree Journey

Last year (2021) I decided that I will spend the whole of 2022 celebrating my Master's degree achievement and reflecting on my Journey. My Thesis journey was a hell of a ride but I am thankful that I can look back on my journey and be proud that I fought a good fight.

I remember the first few months when I just started with my Master's degree, it was so difficult, I faced so many challenges and I felt discouraged. I was all over the place, venting to everyone close to me.

One morning, I got up and decided to write down my own affirmation based on how I felt and the challenges I was facing. They made a really big shift in my life. Research is not difficult but the challenges we face in the journey really make us question ourselves, is this even worth it? you fight people, you fight the system, fight your own thoughts, fight mental illness due to stress and challenges but I praise God that he helped me and fought for me in all those challenges.

Here is the extract of the affirmation I wrote for myself:

I can write and complete my research proposal

I can get my research proposal approved by the institution's research committee

I can get an ethical certificate

I can finish my Thesis chapters

I can gather research data and analyse it

I can pass my research thesis examination

I can graduate with my Master's degree

I will hold my Master's degree certificate with my own hands

I will hold my Thesis book with my own hold

God will fight for me, for things that are beyond my control and above my powers.


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