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Sunday 3 March 2024

Never quit your Master's or PhD

 Last year in 2023, I posted a video on TikTok outlining things that one should never quit their Master's degree or PhD for, and it went viral.

I hope this list also helps someone again in 2024.

Never quit your Master's or PhD because of one of the following:
Rejection; application rejection, research proposal rejection, research article publication rejection.
Confusion, lack of motivation, and procrastination.
No or slow movement in your research journey.
Negative comments from the research supervisor that tear you apart and make you feel useless.
A bad relationship with a research supervisor.
Fear of failure.
Negative comments about the Master's degree or PhD from non-academic people or people who are not interested in pursuing a Master's or PhD.
What people say about your post-grad/research journey.

You will be shocked that there are people who completed their Master's and PhD and have also encountered the same challenges but refused to give up and decided to fight for their dreams.


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