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Tuesday 13 November 2018

BEFORE THE BREAK UP -The Fear stage - Dear Teen#1

The fear stage
At this stage, you are still in the relationship
The fear of the unknown is ruining your life
You are so worried about what your partner could do, doing or done to you without your knowledge
The insecurities are keeping you awake at night to an extent that you end up making a decision based on your assumptions not on facts
You have pride you do not talk about your fears and insecurities with your partner to an extent that you don't even realize that you could lose your partner for good due to your insecurities
Until you get tired of those feelings and decide to face your demons
You begin to own your story
You set goals for your life
As soon as you start writing down your goals, you focus on them.
You feel excited about your goals, instead of the sleepless night worrying about what the other person could do to you, you worry and focus on what to do next for your dreams and goals
You worry about how you are going to achieve your goals:
What you need to do to achieve your goals
What you need to do more
What you need to do less
Who you need to remove in your life
Who you need to add in your life
Reviewing your daily routine
Grabbing opportunities
Creating opportunities for yourself
Written by Lisa Nqala


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