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Monday 12 November 2018

Before the break up - The toxic stage -Dear teen#2

When the relationship reach the toxic stage

Staying up at night tossing and turning every day because of how you are being treated in the relationship.

Begging someone to communicate with you

Begging someone's input or effort on rebuilding the relationship

Thinking about all the bad things that a person has done to you

Thinking about all the hurtful words that the person has said to you

Thinking about all the chances you have given that person

Thinking about all the day's you were waiting for a proper apology 
Thinking about how you wanted to be loved and treated in the relationship

You get to a point where you have to make a decision whether to stay and accept that kind of treatment, keep reading the same chapter over and over again, keep getting the same results all over again or face your fears of moving on, fear of people, fear of dealing with the break up, fear of feeling guilt, fear of watching that person with someone else after you have moved on.

Written by Lisa Nqala


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