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Monday 1 February 2021

How I survived being an orphan - I made a decision

I changed the perception
Just after my mother's passing everything changed, I was young but I could tell that things were not the same.
I started to see people differently.
I started to see things differently.
The first thing you ask from God after the passing of the loved one is forgiveness.
I asked God to give me a heart that forgives.
When you go through the darkness you blame God and everybody close to you.
The only way I could pass that stage or phase was to beg God for years for forgiveness.
 Forgiveness leads me to the acceptance stage, As soon as I started to accept my life, I began to know and own my story. I told myself that this is my life.
I started to learn more about my situation. I started to accept the perceptions and made the decision to change them.
 As I started to acknowledge the perception of orphans, I started making decisions about my life and my purpose in life was discovered.

Written by Lisa Nqala


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