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Thursday 27 May 2021

Failure and rejection are part of our stories - Matric assignment

I matriculated in 2007,

I did not get admitted to the University of my choice.

 Improved my maths results in 2008.

Still did not get accepted into universities I applied to.

I started working in 2009, I never gave up on my dream of going to university.

I applied again in 2009 to more than 10 institutions,

Got accepted by three institutions for the 2010 academic year.

Graduated with a diploma in Internal Auditing (2014) 

Graduated with a BTech Internal Auditing (2016) 

Completed my Masters in Internal Auditing (2020)

I don't know who need to hear this but rejection is not the end of the world.

Don't let it make you feel like a failure or lose hope. Keep Calm fight a good fight

#Fight For Your Dreams# TrustGod



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