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The blog is about being optimistic and being happy with what you have already achieved.

Friday 25 November 2016


Positive mind gives you a positive vibe. I have been reading the book call THE SECRETE  by Rhonda Byrne, the book is based on the law of attraction and positive thinking. What you think is what you become, if you think more about what makes you unhappy the more unhappy you become. When you think about what makes you happy suddenly your mood change, you become happy. Unfortunately, our happiness is our responsibility, your degree, partner, family, beauty, car, big house, friends, the child can not make you happy. There are many people out there who got all these things mentioned above but still, they are not happy, WHY? because happiness is an inside job. On the book the secret it says "your ability to generate a feeling of love is unlimited".Love is you, you can change situations and people with your love, your love is unlimited. When you are happy you want everyone to be happy to feel the love you are feeling, you have that vibe.
WHERE DO WE BEGIN? it starts with a character, what you think, how you control your toughs, how you treat others, self-control, values, who you surround yourself with, how you present yourself to people ( must never be a disconnect with who you really are). Having a clear picture of what you want and believe that you already received it produces a positive vibe. Your tough are powerful, you are not who you are outside but who you are inside. It is an inside job that really matters. LOVE IS YOU, HAPPINESS IS YOU, SPREAD LOVE, SPREAD JOY.
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