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Thursday 4 October 2018

Break up hack - Dear teen

Break up is a test that everyone must go through male or female, poor or rich the list goes on and on. Take it for an instant as Matric exams, we all have to write Matric exams, we all write Matric exams in order for us to go to the next level in our lives. You may fail, pass or excel in your Matric exams. Any outcome you get from your Matric exams determines your future , if you fail you must repeat and try to stay strong as you watch your mates going to varsities and starting a new journey, If you do well in you Matric exams you stand a better chance of being accepted at the best University, best qualification, get a bursary, go to your fav province etc.

Take your break up as the same as your Matric exams, work hard on yourself, unpack your feelings, face the darkness, be strong and be able to stand on your own feet. Focus on getting the best results, keep that on your mind. Your future depends on how you dealt with your breakup. They are skills and character that you improve or develop through a breakup process. Allow the break up to motivate you to be the better person and to do better next time. The only way to upgrade is to first upgrade yourself. Remember you are attracted to what you were ready for that time. Be ready to attract something better after upgrading yourself. Look around for people who have upgraded themselves after a breakup and have attracted better second time around.


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