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Thursday 4 October 2018

Difference Between Teen Life And Adult Life (Dear Teen)

When you grow up as a young girl or boy, you worry so much about looks and your perception is that when you look cute, pretty or handsome you do not have any trouble or insecurities.
Once we get older we realize that looks and material things are not the cases at all. The real problem that we come across to is the matters of the heart, like heartache, loss of joy and chasing of happiness everywhere. We get to a point where we have almost all the material things that we wanted but still struggle to answer the questions such as, am I happy? Why I am not happy? Why am I feeling this way? Here I am talking about people who are holding degrees, driving fence cars, looking good on social media and in person.
Feelings become a real problem compare to our teenage stage where looks were the only real issue. We become a prison of our own though, we crucify our self by our past experience and fear of what could happen in the future. We miss the present just by worrying about the past and the future by doing so we make a lot of mistake in the present that would affect us in the future. For what I have learned living in the present is the way to go.


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