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Wednesday 23 October 2019

What i have learned about myself (Part 1) - Dear teen

#The Power of Having Dreams, Goals and a Vision For Your life Before Dating

When you are in a relationship it’s easy to lose yourself or feel stuck, but when you know your story it’s easy to step back and ask yourself, is this the life I want for myself? Is this the life I hoped for? Is this the life I would choose for myself over and over again? Is this the life worth risking for? Our dream, goals and vision are our light and guidance no matter what happens in our lives. Sometimes we need to be single or be alone to start dreaming, having goals and vision for our lives, so that when we start dating again we are wiser and have new perceptions. Once you develop and improve yourself you attract better, you receive better and you love better.

Written by Lisa Nqala


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