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Tuesday 10 November 2020


I know who I am now. I am a go-getter. I go after what I want and what I believe is right for me. I have learned to keep calm, to fight a good fight and to fight for my dreams. I have defined myself according to what I want to achieve, what I expect from myself, what I hope for, what I love and value. My purpose is to inspire and be inspired. 

I know my values, I value hard work and education.  I value respect and integrity. I have made choices, I chose to be a dreamer and a go-getter. I used to feel so drained, hopeless and lost after the breakup. The first day after the breakup I would feel like a piece of trash. I would be miserable, ashamed and terrified. The thought of how are you going to inform people about the ending of the relationship and the energy and work you have put into the relationship. I HATED TO FEEL THAT WAY, I knew from that moment that I needed to do something about it, I knew that there was something wrong with me, how could an external factor affect me like that and how could I even allow it to have so much impact on my well-being? I knew from that moment that  I needed to make changes in my life that's when I realized that I needed to define myself, maybe it was because I didn't know who I was,  what I stand for.  I needed to make life-changing decisions and choices. I came up with 80/20 rule, 80% energy and time to goals and dreams and 20% energy and time to relationships. I needed to do something not only for myself but for the new generation, they do not have to suffer as we have suffered. I have to make thing a bit easier and different for them. There is more in life than being in a relationship especial when you are still a teenager. You still need to define and build your brand. You still need to work on your story or shape your story. You still need to invest into your empire. You still need to develop a five (5) years plan from now. You still have to visualize your future. You still need to identify and study your role-models and follow their path. You still have to identify your weaknesses and plan on how are you going to improve and overcome them. You still have to identify your strength and decide on how are you going to use them to better your life in the future. You still have to decide on what you do not want to happen in your life in the future or who you do not want to end up like. TEAM KEEP CALM, FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT, FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS, TRUST GOD, TEAM GO-GETTA ~ LISA NQALA.

Written by Lisa Nqala


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