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Sunday 21 November 2021

My journey to the 30th Birthday (Part 2)

Got accepted at CPUT.

The letter that changed everything.

After Matric, I worked at the laundry as a laundry assistant and as a domestic worker in Margate, KZN. It was hard and I felt hopeless, watching my peers going to varsity. I was surrounded by negativity and discouraged, I felt like my life was a joke.  I used the money that I got from my job to phone the universities and request for application forms and to send them back to the universities.

Got accepted at CPUT for NHC: Accountancy and that was the biggest turnaround of my life. I prayed to God for school (University) every day from the day I left high school. When I got an acceptance letter from CPUT I just did not know what to do, I was so emotional and thankful to God. Education was my silent prayer even when I was just walking to the shop or to home or church I would ask God to give me chance to go to varsity in order for me to change my life and rebuild my dignity. 

Going to varsity was not just anything for me, it was everything that is the reason why I never wasted time or took the opportunity for granted. I wanted to make myself and God proud. I got accepted by three institutions, two for education and one for accounting so I decided to go with CPUT because I love accounting and auditing, I have always wanted to be an Auditor. Although I was advised to choose education (teachers course) because it’s easy to finish and to get a job once you finish. And also because of my background, people feared that I would not survive if I choose accounting and auditing because I could not speak English properly. 

From primary school till high school, English was our second language, and in rural areas, we were taught in Xhosa even English.  Even in class when you ask a question, you ask it in Xhosa and the Teacher would respond in Xhosa, so at varsity, it was going to be hard for me to adapt. That was the risk I was willing to take. Most people did not believe that I would survive at the varsity and in a big city.  

I was also surrounded by negativity people, telling me that many people in my village who did Auditing course but could not get an Auditing job and end up working as admin clerk, and why am I doing a course that won’t get me a job? That also put pressure on me. 

Another struggle was that my classmates were two years younger than me, I was old so I struggle to find friends that were in my age. My peers were doing their third years already because after matric they went straight to varsity. I just decided to accept that my life is different and it’s my story and it does not have to be the same as other people, and after that, I owned my story, I found peace and I focus on the reason why I was there.

Written by Lisa Nqala


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