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Wednesday 17 November 2021

My journey to the 30th Birthday (Part 5)

Graduated for BTech in Internal Auditing

I applied for BTech in Internal Auditing and got accepted. Again I was alone with no friends, I had to make new friends for BTech since my friends did not continue after their Diploma graduation that year.

The biggest problem was that I did not have money for registration for Btech and I did not have anyone to pay for my BTech fees since NSFAS did not fund BTech students. During the holidays I worked in the laundry so that I could pay for my travelling expenses back to school. I decided to return to school early so that I could look for a job as a student assistant during registration so that I could get money for my registration including accommodation. 
I arrived at CPUT student resident and I had to provide the reason for occupying the resident early.  I told them that I will be assisting with the registration and I was asked to provide a letter that says I am employed as the student assistant during the registration. I was so stressed because I have not got the job yet, I was still going to beg the following day to work during registration. I woke up early the following day and went to campus fortunately for me, I got the job, I signed the contract and got the letter from our supervisor and that time I was able to register and continue with my studies. 

Our course moved to the other campus, still, when I got there I looked for a job at the library to assist after my classes and I got the job. My classes during the day were between 8:30 to 16:00 pm and usually, end around 15:30.

 At 16:00 I would start working at the library lab and finish at 22:00 when the library closes and on Saturdays. It was tough but I was so grateful about the opportunity to register, get the accommodation on campus and for my BTech and still get a job at the library for some extra cash. 
Towards the end of the year, my friends and I were so worried about what we were going to do after the BTech. We applied for internships and I got accepted as a finance intern at the Department of correction services. I failed one module for Btech that year. I was doing more than 5 module full time and working after hours and on weekends. I was surprised because I thought I was going to fail more than one module because of the pressure and the time. I was so scared. But I manage to pass most of my modules, the following year I was doing my internship and repeating the module I failed. Still, my BTech fee for the previous year was not paid so I struggled to register the module and I couldn't just let it go after all my hard work I had to register that module and pass it so that I could get my BTech.

 I had to make an arrangement and pay a certain percentage at school. I asked my family member to take a loan under her name and pay her direct to her bank account the monthly instalment. I was only getting less than R5000 a month for my internship and had to pay R2 200 every month for my education loan for two years. I passed my module and I qualified for graduation. I graduated for my BTech in Internal Auditing. I was so inspired by myself I fought for my dreams and worked hard. I wanted more.  I applied for Masters in Internal Auditing. I was also discouraged by people and had to deal with negativity because some people thought Masters are not for people like me, considering my disadvantage background.

Written by Lisa Nqala


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