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Friday 19 November 2021

My journey to the 30th Birthday (Part 4)

First Graduation 2014

Graduated for Diploma in Internal Auditing

In 2014 I graduated for my Diploma in internal Auditing, I felt like I have proved to myself, the people who doubted me and others that I could do it.  I remember when I started at varsity, I promised myself that I would not date or be in a real relationship until I graduate. I did not want any complications. I did not want to disappoint myself and people who believed in me. I did not want anything to go wrong. It was my first graduation, I was so proud of myself. I made my mother and my family proud. People could celebrate me now in my village not to feel sorry for me because of my early childhood trauma. I was so inspired by myself, I wanted more so I applied for BTech in Internal Auditing.

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